Education and faculties in tier 2 and tier 3 cities lack contemporary skills. Employment and jobs have always been an issue in these cities. Students are in a big dilemma because of no motivation, which keeps them from being ambitious. This is because most recruiters hire candidates from top city colleges, leaving out a large number of students from smaller towns. Their infrastructures and amenities are also not well-equipped. So, students face a lot of difficulties in finding the right job for themselves. However, talent does not see the “tier” of a place. So, here is an insight into how is 3cans helping people to cope up with the problems of employment?

3cans mean the 3 marketing brains behind the startup viz; Nitish Mathur, Issac Thomas, and Pratim Shrivastav.

Nitish Mathur is a positive, risk-taking, and enthusiastic personality, coming from the City of Lakes, Bhopal. A digital marketing enthusiast, an author of a Forbes featured best selling book. Currently, hosts Linkedin’s trending show- ‘Talking Social’. Loves social media and understands the youth of today hence, always interested in working with young intuitive minds.

Issac Thomas, one of the marketing brains at 3cans. A magnificent content writer, an emotional person at heart, and a blogger sharing his life experiences through storytelling. An author of 2 best-selling books who holds 10+ years of experience in blogging and content writing. Books are something that makes him happy.

Pratim Shrivastav, an e-commerce lover and a specialist. He has his unique way of pitching and is known to add his personal touch every time. The realm of expertise also extends to being a content writing consultant. Moreover, how to use words that will move and impact the reader.

Talking about the Mission and Vision of the company. This internship aims to offer a remarkable experience that gives meaning and vitality to each individual’s journey of learning, discovery, and engagement. The ultimate mission is to become India’s largest remote workforce while having the vision of being among the fortune500 companies in the forthcoming years.

As the coronavirus emerged in China and spread globally, countries have acted to limit its spread through social isolation policies, shutting educational institutions, limiting work, and restricting the mobility of people. A baseline global pandemic scenario sees the GDP of the world fall by 2 per cent, developing countries by 2.5 per cent, and industrial countries by 1.8 per cent. COVID-19 has been hammering economies since domestic cases started multiplying in March, and struggling companies are facing some very hard choices. One such decision is how to cut costs, and unfortunately, layoffs are often the answer for the majority of MNCs.

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