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Work Culture

Humble and Respecting: Respect to all the fellow marketers and people
we work with.

Welcoming: Ideas are never bad, it’s just about the perspective.

Positive: No matter you make mistakes, we all do. But the key is to not
give up and keep moving.

Be Patient: Every problem has a solution, you might not get the answer
today, but you would get it in the future.

Grow Together: We encourage personal growth along with providing
value to one another.

Working is fun: Team happiness and satisfaction leads to productivity.
Hence, we strive to keep our team motivated by including certain tasks
and games.

Morals: We encourage high levels of moral and work ethics with the
people we work.

Our Values




“Learn from each other”

“Respect for each other “

“You can be serious without a suit”

“Having a positive impact on other’s lives”

What our Batch1 Interns says

Throughout the internship, I was thinking to kickstart something from the lessons you all taught me, I am a kind of deep observer during this process and I had improved a lot. Last weekend - I cracked 100$ client in 5 days that's not huge but a lot for me. I would be investing in my website. Thanks for clearing my concepts like b2b Marketing, CONTENT MARKETING, designing, e-commerce, and everything

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Ayush Viswakarma

Sir the internship was very nice nd productive...we learnt a lot of new things which we were not knowing earlier...Issac and u were really very Friendly and helpful to each and everyone involved in this internship...Thank u so much for giving me the opportunity to join the 3 can squad.

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Jayant Paramik

Being new to the field of Digital Marketing, Nitish helped me cope up with the various adversities. It was almost like he held my hand and walked me through the obstacles. A go-to person who believes that you can be serious without a suit. The internship got me good exposure to the field and to connect with some amazing minds. So it's all thanks to this amazing person who made a difference in our lives just within a matter of 3 months.

Dhanashree Bhajani

when I read about the internship program at 3cans I jumped at an opportunity and got selected. During this pandemic what better way to upgrade oneself by working on the field. I worked as an in-house graphic designer but my work and knowledge were not limited, we had mentors top of the line teaching us the trick of the trade of their field. as a designer, I feel what needed is a blank canvas with no dots to follow and that I found at this internship program.

Shreyash Rathi

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